For businesses operating 
small to medium-sized stores

SafePoint Boutique

Loomis Safepoint Boutique is the key to handling cash in the digital future. It’s a unique range of end-to-end back office cash solutions for any size of business operating small to medium sized stores – from a single outlet to national and international chains.

Safepoint takes the hard work out of counting, sorting and banking takings. It’s based on unique technologies and strong partnerships with industry leaders – and backed by the Loomis guarantee of clarity, reliability and trust.


Safepoint brings cash into the digital era. Our unique solutions make your life easier by making cash handling faster, safer and smarter.

Faster Our end-to-end solutions offer a true one stop shop for all your cash needs. We’ll help you choose the best solution for your business, deliver on-site training for you and your staff and look after delivery, installation and maintenance.

Safer As soon as you deposit your money in your connected safe, it’s insured – and can be credited to your bank overnight. Decades of Loomis cash handling know-how and our specially-chosen expert manufacturing partners mean reliability and total peace of mind.

Smarter Smart technologies, services and software include AI for dynamic logistics and cash needs forecasting, plus monitoring and access to data for tracking all your cash operations.

Complete back office cash deposit solution


Complete back office cash deposit solution

Your connected safe is at the heart of your Safepoint solution. Designed to match your business, it’s like going to the bank without leaving your store.


A complete range to cover every need

At the heart of this solution, we offer a choice of five smartsafes. By deploying Loomis Safepoint, they were able to solve the problem instantly. Cash takings are deposited daily into the safe, instantly insured, and credited to the retailer’s account overnight.